Whitney Houston

Don’t Give Up on Sunshine…There’ll Be Better Fays

Saddened by the news of Bobbi Kristina’s passing. Life is journey and sometimes the rainy days seem to be so cloudy, that it’s difficult to remember that there will be better.
We all have to try and keep our head up as best as we can. Encourage someone else around you.

Celebration of The Voice: Whitney Houston

I am a vocalist connoisseur. I am always analyzing voices and listening closely to pitch, tonality, and control. It’s safe to safe that music is a huge part of my being. Music is something that relaxes me and when needed, gets me really excited.
So far, of all the great singers I have been fortunate to hear, none have ever had a voice quite like Whitney Houston. She could sing any style of music whether it be classical or rhythm and blues. On record, any song she touched sounded like second nature to her.
Today, I find it befitting to celebrate her life and legacy. I pay honor and homage to the beautiful and talented singer from Newark, New Jersey. The one and only, Ms. Whitney Houston. “I Believe In You & Me” is one of my favorite songs from her expansive catalog. Press play, and enjoy.