US Open

Two-Sides to Every Coin

It’s been echoed throughout social media, and most of the world now knows it.
Serena Williams has lost her bid at the 2015 US Open title…gasps!
Yep, Serena was knocked out in the semifinals today to an Italian player named, Roberta Vinci.
This was a huge upset. Serena had a lot riding on the line. She was going for seven US Open titles, 22 grand slams, and the calendar slam. She didn’t win today, but life still goes on. She’s human and infallible. But one thing that I’ve learned about Serena is that whenever she’s knocked down, you can best believe she will stand up and rise taller than she did before.
Moreover, I always try to find the positive in situations that would otherwise have you focusing on the negative. First, I’d like to congratulate Serena for winning 3 grand slams this year, which helped her to earn her second Serena slam (four straight majors in a row.) People can argue over the technicality of her not completing that feat in a single calendar year, but at the end of the day, she’s still a champion. Second, had Serena won tomorrow, who’s to say that she would still have the drive to keep going. When you accomplish something of that magnitude, sometimes you don’t have the drive to keeping going forward, because you don’t want to tarnish the legacy you’ve built. We’ll never know whether or not she would have continued to compete or if she would have retired like she joked she would if she had won. But, I know that now Serena will return to the majors next year not feeling the same pressure she felt this year. This loss may propel her career to greater heights. Losing has always brought out the best in her and I have no doubt that she will rise up from this and soar again.
I’ve said this in private and tweeted about it a while ago, but I really think Serena is definitely going to retire with at least 25 majors under her belt. And if I’m really being ambitious and she stays healthy and wants it, 29 may even be in her cards. Either way, there are more victories for our girl to win. Let’s focus on the great things she’s already done.
I’ve been to the Open before and want to visit again. Hope to see you there next year, Serena!

The Majestic Athlete


Serena Williams is undeniably one of the greatest athlete’s of all-time; regardless of gender or sport. Williams has habitually stepped on the tennis court and showed the world what it truly means to compete. Yesterday, Williams silenced naysayers and foes who thought that she would be unable to claim a grand slam title this calendar year when she won the US Open Championship. That win, helped Serena further etch her name in the history books. Currently, the polished tennis star has three consecutive US Open title wins, six US Open titles, and a combined total of 18 grand slams. There are only two other women in the history of the open era  who sit in that elusive group with her, Martina Navratilova and Chris Everett. Surely, Serena will focus her sights on furthering her grand slam wins and evening Steffi Graff who holds the most titles at 22.

Williams win on yesterday reminds us all that no matter where we come from, we are able to accomplish the very things that  people would disparage us from trying.

In the words of Serena, “Come on!” Never give up on the things dearest to your heart. Your story may inspire someone else, just as Serena is inspiring so many lives.