Toni Braxton



Never thought that I would ever see Janet Jackson live in concert, but last night I did. I was gifted a free ticket. I’m assuming that if I really pushed the idea, then it could have happen at another time, but the idea just never seemed to cross my mind. Which is absolutely absurd given that my friends and family all know that, this grown man will stammer his words and get all giddy, at the mentioning of Miss Jackson. The baby sibling of the bunch has always been my favorite and had a special place in my heart, ever since I discovered her as the character Penny on Good Times. Then, when Janet released her “I Get So Lonely” video in ’96, I became further enamored by that woman. The red hair (she always mixed up her style-loved that about her), that walk-which comes across more like a strut, and of course her rhythmic dance moves. And then, upon further discovery of her music, you can’t help but find songs that stick in your head, well after you’re done playing them.
Moreover, I really am taken aback by how Janet chooses to embrace her sexuality and display it. She talks about some really freaky stuff in her music, and when you hear her sing about what she likes and doesn’t like, it really gets to you. I think it’s really empowering to be comfortable enough to share that part of yourself with the world, yet still be graceful and command the respect that she deserves. She does that so seamlessly, but there’s no doubt about how difficult I’m sure that is for a lot of women. Toni Braxton, Nia Long, and Jill Scott do that well too, in my opinion. Oh yeah, and so does the main character in my first book, Raquel.
Now that I’ve let the whole world know about how smitten Janet Jackson has me, it would be wise for me to probably mention how I enjoyed the concert. To sum it up, it was nothing short of fantastic. She was electrifying on stage. The woman still moves like gravity cannot slow her down one bit. Although I selfishly wish she would’ve pulled me up on stage to perform a dance, like she used to do at her concerts. But, she’s married now and in a different place…
When Janet brings her Unbreakable Tour to a city near you, go and see her. You will enjoy it.
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Listen to her new single “No Sleeep” feat J.Cole

BFV: Unbreak My Heart: A Memoir By Toni Braxton coming in May


Fans of the sultry soul singer and star of hit TV show Braxton Family Values will be in for a treat this spring. Unbreak My Heart: A Memoir set to be released May 24, 2014, will give fans and readers alike a closer look inside of the R&B veterans life.

Personally, I’d be interested in learning more about her battles with lupus, raising an autistic son, and balancing the demands of showbiz. Hopefully, Toni will write about things we don’t know and not just give us some surface jargon we can find on Google.

I’ve been a fan of her music since her debut. This book should make for an interesting read.

Music, Sports, & Entertainment: Is R&B Music Still Relevant? The Resurgence of Babyface

Anyone who considers themselves a fan of R&B music probably has a favorite song or melody that was composed by the Indiana crooner. For nearly three decades, Kenny Babyface Edmonds, has been dishing out the hits for music listeners to enjoy. Some of his most famous records include “Love Shoulda Brought You Home,” “Not Gon Cry,” and “Waiting to Exhale (Shoop),” just to name a few. His poignant ability to write songs inspires a vast array of people to be engulfed in love. His songs touch on sensitive issues ranging anywhere from divorce or a teenage affection. Babyface is truly one of the greatest music writers of our generation, if not of all time.
Now, after a brief hiatus to allow new artist to emerge, he is back and he has brought familiar company with him! In 1992 he and fellow singer Toni Braxton emerged on the scene with a certain sensuality in their music that survived through the rough melodrama musings of the New Jack Swing Era. Together, they have been able to garner the attention of millions of fans across the world and skyrocket their way to super stardom. Very few artists have had the success that they have been able achieve. Successfully, they have merged the gaps among generations of music lovers alike. Their most recent song, “Hurt You,” Has climbed up the charts and is sitting nicely at the #1 spot on the Billboards R&B charts. Their new album is slated to hit stores on February 4, 2014 just in time for the Valentine’s Day holiday. Fans can expect to hear more hits on the topics of “Love, Marriage, & Divorce.” This album is sure to mend a few wounds and rekindle some forgotten sweet memories.