“God is Love” Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye just seems to have recorded a song for every human emotion and experience. Most of his songs are like therapy for me. This song in particular, is uplifting and harmonious. When I listen to it, my mind is at ease.
Thank you Brother Marvin, for giving this world a part of yourself. Even long after you’ve departed this earth in the physical form, your music still transcends generations. It relates to the topics and issues that plague us today.
Solange, thanks for reminding me about this song.
Enjoy. God is love.

Von Powell…Triple Threat

As a writer, nothing makes you feel more immediate satisfaction then writing the phrase “The end,” at the closing of whatever project you’re working on. It makes your heart jump and you release all of the pint up emotions you’ve been holding inside, in order to allow the characters a chance to breathe, a chance at life. But no matter how sweet it fills to complete one project, as an artist, your mind is always thinking of new ideas to explore. Once upon a time, I thought that I would live life traveling from continent to continent while my millions of fans waited for years for me to release my next project. However, I am too fervent and determined to accomplish the goals that I have to relax so much, that I forget about honing my craft. And as I’ve come to learn through experience, the only way to become better is through critical review and study of your craft. That, coupled with actually practicing your craft. And as a writer, I do a really great job at living my life and enjoying the people and experiences around me, but I am becoming more skilled at studying my craft more. I realize I know nothing, if I ever believe, I know everything.
Feeling my first book in my hands now, feels so much more special than when I first held it. I think that’s due to the fact that I can actually talk about the book with other people an hearing their reactions is remarkable. Publishing has also made me more concerned with product packaging. I examine every book that I see now from a more critical lens. Why was that paper chosen? That font type or that cover design? Things that intrigue me…
As my big homie NAS has told me so many times that I can’t even begin to recall them, “The world is yours (mine)” and I have a brand to build. And whenever I put my mind to making something happen and I really want it…it happens. And as the time passes, I become more clear of what my legacy is to become.




Throwback Joint of The Day: SWV “I’m So Into You”

This song perfectly describes the music I referred to in a previous post this week. It has a great melody and beat but the lyrics are sketchy. The song refers to a woman being in love with a man who has a girlfriend. But, he’s so irresistible that she just can’t seem to let him go.
SWV has been bringing great hits since ’92. I grew up enjoying their music and often wonder if they would have catapulted to higher success if they had not been so Rhythm and Blues and maybe dabbled with some Pop like other girl group TLC.
Who knows? Tune in to WE TV after Braxton Family Values on Thursday nights to watch their new reality show.

Be Good To Yourself

Life is an experience that should be savored and thoroughly enjoyed. However, no matter how positively we may strive, life unfortunately or fortunately, depending how you view the glass will not. Life has a way of waning us through varying emotions that sends us scurrying for cover just when things get really rough.

With January being Mental Health Month, I thought it would be cool for me to share some tips that help me stay sane. Being a teacher is one of the most rewarding and equally challenging jobs. Students are vying for your attention at a given moment, there is always a lesson to plan, a paper to grade, and a meeting to attend. But, did I forget to mention the sea of eager students waiting patiently to learn? My apologies please. Being busy can sometimes make you forgetful.

Anyway, below are a few examples of how I enjoy to decompress in a non-turnup with a Bluedot Ciroc kind of way.

1. Music


Music has a profound effect on human emotions. It has the power to make us feel a range of emotions that can span between happiness and sadness in the same song. For example, a song could have a really killer beat and the most depressing lyrics ever. But,  you don’t even notice how saddening the words are because you’re too engulfed in how melodic the production is.

After a long day, I cue up the cd player on the way home and rap-depending on if I need to vent some frustrations or sing my way to bliss. Who cares if potential parents and students see you dropping mad rhymes in the car to 2 Chainz? A Happy teacher equals a happy student. A happy student equals a happy teacher. It’s a cyclical relationship in which both parties benefit.

2. A Long Shower or Bath


There’s something magical about being submerged in warm running water. Something about it makes you feel clean all over and not just in a rub-a-dub kind of way. Standing or laying down in a tub and basking in warm water feels spiritually renewing. I’m often to pressed for time to sit and soak in the tub, besides I think it’s a little funny for grown men to lay in a bath tub unless your with your woman. But, guys you could always tell people that you injured your shoulder playing college football and medically required to take long baths in lieu of showers. It’s depressing some of the things men have to do and say in a so-called “Progress & Free Society.” I digress.

But seriously, take some time when you come straight home or right before bed to wash yourself rid of all the days drama and stress. Hopefully, you’ll have a nice and warm bed to greet you when you step out and dry off.

3. Treat Yourself To Something Delicious


I made a deliberate decision to cook more  this year since I spent so much money on restaurant meals and fast food last year. For the most part, it’s been working pretty well. I come home and heat up one of those microwavable frozen dinners and voilà, dinner is served. All jokes aside, I feel so much better about myself when I sit down to enjoy a home cooked meal prepared by me. Whether its edible is up for debate. But the fact of the matter is, I put in the time to create something that I can have for my betterment.

If you rarely cook dinner, try. Start small and maybe prepare one dish a week. Then, you may gradually increase the number of meals you cook each week. Now, if you are always home cooking and rarely eat out, then it may be a good idea to give yourself a break. Spend a little cash going out to eat at a well established restaurant. Order whatever it is that you want and be sure to dress comfortably and as stylishly as you like. Remember, you are doing great things for your betterment because you love and care for yourself.

A happier you, makes for a happier world. A happier world, makes for a happier you.

Here’s a relaxing tune to help you sleep easier tonight. Enjoy the soothing sounds of an islander summer’s rain.