jackie collins

Jackie Collins You Will Be Missed

Breaking news–New York Times Bestselling author, Jackie Collins has passed away today at the age of 77. This news comes as a shock to myself and so many other fans of her work. She was an amazing writer. I respected how she offered a diverse set of characters, that her contemporaries rarely featured. It was refreshing.
Her book, Poor Little B!tch Girl, inspired me to finish up my novel, Every Woman Deserves an Accessory, and get it published. I remember reading that book in fall 2013 and making a decision then, that I would complete my novel and share my gift with the world. I think it says a lot about her work. She was a female writer from across the pond, born in a completely different generation, who wrote a book that would inspire a guy from the south-side of Chicago. I want to be that writer that inspires someone else the way she inspired me. Jackie, thanks for sharing your words with me, and so many others. You will be missed.


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