Floyd Mayweather

Good morning world

Today, when I got out of bed and I found out that my book on Amazon is currently #2, these were my reactions:

Feels amazing to be growing my readership! So naturally when I saw this, I just started envisioning going to dinner tonight at Nobu and crashing in my pad off the PCH. A guy can dream…haha. And I would probably throw some money in the air, but it’d be right in my own living room, so I can pick it back up and put it right back in my pocket. I’m about that investment and diverse portfolio life, now.
Seriously though, I love knowing that people who’ve never read my work are giving me a chance now. We made it!
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Music, Sports, & Entertainment: Floyd Mayweather to Retire?

ImageWorld renowned boxer, Floyd Mayweather recently announced his plans to retire from the sport. During his trip to South Africa, the 45-0 undisputed champion stated to the press that his final fight would be in September 2015. Whether or not Mayweather actually intends to retire is still up for question. Only time will reveal what is next for this 26 knockouts and counting fighter.
Currently, his focus is on continuing his dominance in the ring as he prepares to fight Amir Khan or Marcos Maidana in May 2014.