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Von Powell…Triple Threat

As a writer, nothing makes you feel more immediate satisfaction then writing the phrase “The end,” at the closing of whatever project you’re working on. It makes your heart jump and you release all of the pint up emotions you’ve been holding inside, in order to allow the characters a chance to breathe, a chance at life. But no matter how sweet it fills to complete one project, as an artist, your mind is always thinking of new ideas to explore. Once upon a time, I thought that I would live life traveling from continent to continent while my millions of fans waited for years for me to release my next project. However, I am too fervent and determined to accomplish the goals that I have to relax so much, that I forget about honing my craft. And as I’ve come to learn through experience, the only way to become better is through critical review and study of your craft. That, coupled with actually practicing your craft. And as a writer, I do a really great job at living my life and enjoying the people and experiences around me, but I am becoming more skilled at studying my craft more. I realize I know nothing, if I ever believe, I know everything.
Feeling my first book in my hands now, feels so much more special than when I first held it. I think that’s due to the fact that I can actually talk about the book with other people an hearing their reactions is remarkable. Publishing has also made me more concerned with product packaging. I examine every book that I see now from a more critical lens. Why was that paper chosen? That font type or that cover design? Things that intrigue me…
As my big homie NAS has told me so many times that I can’t even begin to recall them, “The world is yours (mine)” and I have a brand to build. And whenever I put my mind to making something happen and I really want it…it happens. And as the time passes, I become more clear of what my legacy is to become.




Film News: Ride Along Starring Kevin Hart & Ice Cube Makes History


Director, Tim Story


Ride Along Starring Kevin Hart & Ice Cube

The lighthearted comedy starring rappers Ice Cube and Chocolate Drizzle, better known as comedian Kevin Hart, made history this past weekend. The Tim Story directed film grossed $48.6 million dollars at the box office. Not only did this film garner the top spot at the box office, it is the highest earning for any movie release in January. This amazing opening weekend number is no surprise to those familiar with his previous films. His work includes: Fantastic 4, Barbershop, and Think Like A Man just to name a few.
His current film centers on Kevin Hart’s character Ben, desiring to win the affection of APD detective James, played by Ice Cube. Although Ben’s job title reads high school security job, his level of professionalism and brute force should not be taken lightly. Desiring to marry James younger sister played by the talented Tika Sumpter, Ben volunteers to go on a ride along with James. The well bedecked APD detective obliges and takes Ben on the ride of his life, hoping to scare him away and dismiss his proposal for his sister’s hand in marriage. However, things quickly go left as these two knuckleheads find themselves stranded in the most dangerous neighborhood in their city.
This movie marks Kevin Hart’s arrival as a full-fledged movie star.  Although he usually steals the spotlight with his gregarious sense of humor, this is his first film role in which he co-stars. In his past roles he has been touted as a supporting character. Kevin, Ice Cube, and Tika and director Tim Story have once again proven that films starring actors of color can and do fare well at the box office.
If you are looking for a movie that will get you laughing, be sure to check out Ride Along, in theaters everywhere.