New Month, New Season

Goodbye September


Most people recognize October as being the month that kicks off fall. People are sliding on comfy sweaters, eating warm soup, admiring a crackling fire, and of course watching football.

However, since 1981, October stands for something much more than that. October now represents, DVAM (Domestic Violence Awareness Month.) It’s a topic that is very sensitive in nature, but needs to be discussed. I abhorrently despise violence, whether it be against women, children, men, or even animals. Thus, I’ll be wearing purple this month, to display my support.

Below is a song written by Stephen Garrett, better known as Static for Aaliyah’s final studio recording, and produced by Budd’ha. The song is entitled, “Never No More.”This song actually was a bit of inspiration behind the relationship of Boss and Lyndsey in my novel, Every Woman Deserves an Accessory. It was a risk writing about that stuff, but hopefully someone can learn something from that and avoid going down that route.

Increasing My Readership

I’m super grateful by all of the support I’ve received from my #NYFW, Every Woman Deserves an Accessory, book promo. You guys downloaded a lot of books! Thanks.
A major goal of mine as a writer is to increase my readership. I really get a kick out of seeing where all my books are being read. Below are some of the countries outside of the USA, that downloaded my book this past week:

Major shout outs to my readers in:

The UK
The Netherlands

This makes me want to travel to each of those countries even more now. Hopefully, that’ll be soon.

P.S. If you didn’t get to download a free copy of my ebook, no worries. You can still join in on the fun, but there is a slight cover charge. But, it is worth it! Now I’m back off to write.




Never thought that I would ever see Janet Jackson live in concert, but last night I did. I was gifted a free ticket. I’m assuming that if I really pushed the idea, then it could have happen at another time, but the idea just never seemed to cross my mind. Which is absolutely absurd given that my friends and family all know that, this grown man will stammer his words and get all giddy, at the mentioning of Miss Jackson. The baby sibling of the bunch has always been my favorite and had a special place in my heart, ever since I discovered her as the character Penny on Good Times. Then, when Janet released her “I Get So Lonely” video in ’96, I became further enamored by that woman. The red hair (she always mixed up her style-loved that about her), that walk-which comes across more like a strut, and of course her rhythmic dance moves. And then, upon further discovery of her music, you can’t help but find songs that stick in your head, well after you’re done playing them.
Moreover, I really am taken aback by how Janet chooses to embrace her sexuality and display it. She talks about some really freaky stuff in her music, and when you hear her sing about what she likes and doesn’t like, it really gets to you. I think it’s really empowering to be comfortable enough to share that part of yourself with the world, yet still be graceful and command the respect that she deserves. She does that so seamlessly, but there’s no doubt about how difficult I’m sure that is for a lot of women. Toni Braxton, Nia Long, and Jill Scott do that well too, in my opinion. Oh yeah, and so does the main character in my first book, Raquel.
Now that I’ve let the whole world know about how smitten Janet Jackson has me, it would be wise for me to probably mention how I enjoyed the concert. To sum it up, it was nothing short of fantastic. She was electrifying on stage. The woman still moves like gravity cannot slow her down one bit. Although I selfishly wish she would’ve pulled me up on stage to perform a dance, like she used to do at her concerts. But, she’s married now and in a different place…
When Janet brings her Unbreakable Tour to a city near you, go and see her. You will enjoy it.
And, if you haven’t picked up my novel, Every Woman Deserves an Accessory on Amazon, go and pick one up now. After tomorrow, the free giveaway is over. Hurry while the promo lasts. And thank you, to everyone who downloaded the book! This promo has been very successful! I’m super grateful to have your support.


Listen to her new single “No Sleeep” feat J.Cole

Feeling Grateful

Day one of my #NYFW ebook giveaway has been going amazingly. Thank you to everyone who’s downloaded a copy and or told someone else about the book. We made the book reach #5 on the Top 100 books for my section. Let’s keep the momentum going and get this book in the hands of some new readers.

If you haven’t gotten the book yet, you’re missing out! But don’t worry, you can grab one for free on Amazon until 9/20. Click the link and get your kink on.

Sport shoes, measuring tape and water on grey background

How to Please a Woman

For the longest, there has been rumors and joking amongst my students that my book is entitled, How to Please a Woman. They also think I’m from Colombia, but that’s another story. Now mind you, I have only told my students that I write books and have one coming out soon. I’ve only shared info about my book with a few staff members at school. Other writers would probably say that I should be hounding everyone about it, but I beg to differ. My philosophy has and will continue to be, if I build it, they will come. And they have (one of my assistant principals said that he Googled me!) I nearly slumped over laughing as he and several other staff members one by one admitted that they had done the same, too. But, bragging about my book just isn’t me-at least not on my job. I’m really keen on maintaining a high level of professionalism with the students I teach and the staff that I work with.

But, that’s hard to do when I go to correct students for using suggestive language to joke around with other students in class and they reply, “But, I learned from you! Bet you weren’t thinking about that when you wrote that book huh?”

At comments like those, I can’t help but laugh. How could you not? My kids are witty and so far it hasn’t been out of hand. If it ever does, Mr. Powell will layeth-the-smacketh-down, and Schmoney dance like nothing ever happened.