Every Woman7E-3

Von created this awesome, official soundtrack to Every Woman Deserves an Accessory, for your enjoyment. This soundtrack gives readers like you an opportunity to hear music that some of the characters  enjoyed, songs that relate to events in the book, and music that kept Von entertained while writing.

Click the songs below to start listening.

1.) Ja Rule Feat. Ashanti, Vita, & Charli Baltimore “Down 4 U”  2.) Christina Aguilera- “Infatuation” 3.) Toni Braxton – “Maybe”  4.)  Ashanti- “Happy” 5.) Cam’ron- “Oh Boy” 6.) 112- “Love You Like I Did” 7.) P. Diddy Feat. Usher- “I Need A Girl Part 1” 8.) Next- “Wifey” 9.)  Amerie- “Why Don’t We Fall In Love” 10.) Case- “Happily Ever After” 11.) Jennifer Lopez Feat. JaRule & Cadillac Tah “Ain’t It Funny (Remix)” 12.) Foxy Brown Feat. Kelis-“Candy” 13.) Mary J Blige- “Never Been” 14.) Aaliyah- “Rock The Boat” 15.) LL Cool J Feat. Pharell & Marc Dorsey- “Luv U Better” 16.) Case- “Sex Games” 17.) Lil’ Mo Feat. Fabolous- “4 Ever” Bonus Track – Nelly Feat. Kelly- “Dilemma”

What are your thoughts?

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