Timing is everything



Sometimes the stories we write are from our own experiences, sometimes they aren’t. The beauty of art is that it imitates life, or does life imitate art? Maybe both are cyclical. As I continue to learn more about the mind and study metaphysics I am more particular about the kinds of work I produce. Moreover, I continue to enjoy the feedback that I get from readers about my work. It gives me happiness and satisfaction to know that I touch your heart and make you think more intently about your life and the things you aspire towards. May we both continue to be inspired! It’s summertime, let’s make some great memories and savor all the moments.

Thank you, Aspen

Snow in the spring?!

Yes, snow in the spring.

As someone born in April, I’ve become accustomed to experiencing rain during my birthday. It’s never bothered me because, well, it’s spring and everyone knows that “April showers, bring May flowers”. Though, for the past few years, I’ve opted for locales that experience little rain and have more sunshine to offer.

However, this year, I’ve challenged myself to break away from the familiar and step forward into the unknown. Uncertainty used to scare me because well, it’s unpredictable. But, having grown more spiritually, I’ve accepted that all of life is uncertain. Nothing is ever guaranteed and that can be a beautiful thing.  Having said as much, this year, I decided to enjoy my “Earth Day” in Aspen, Colorado. I’ve been to Park City, Utah a couple times and absolutely loved it. It’s something special about scenic mountains, small shops, and wildlife. Aspen has always been on my radar and this past week was a full circle moment for me. Not only did powder white snow cascade from the sky and create one of the most picturesque landscapes I’d ever seen, having my loved ones with me, made the experience even more worthwhile.

Life is precious and yes, sometimes the downs feel horrible, but whenever you have an up, I know that it has to be savored. I love that I can look back a few years and could only dream of experiencing the things I do now. Staying committed to your path and trusting yourself to navigate through your obstacles and find your way, is audacious.

Aspen, thank you for your majestic beauty, positive vibes, and warmth. We felt the love.

Until next time,


Rest Easy, Zeke


There are no words that I can offer your mom to make this day feel any better. I pray for her, and that even in this shocking moment, she’s able to find peace, comfort, and the solace that she needs.

Zeke, you inspire me.

May you have a smooth transition into the afterlife. Watch over your mom. Rest, easy young fellow.