2017 Reflections

This has been one adventure filled year. From roaming the streets of Paris, sipping Iceland’s waterfall water, and getting my #splish on at Afro Punk, it’s been one wild and spontaneous ride.

I have traveled more this year, than I ever have in my life. Toward the last couple months of the year, I was literally flying from one coast to another. Sometimes for business, other times for pleasure. Traveling has always been something that I enjoy because it allows for me to experience new cultures, foods, and sights that aren’t as readily available in my own backyard.

Additionally, I’ve done a ton of spiritual work this year. One of the things that has been tremendous in my development, is being more thankful. You’d be surprised how well you can condition yourself to look for the good in life, when you practice it daily. I’ve kept a glass jar, filled with notes about different things that I am appreciative for having. Tomorrow, on New Years Eve, I will take some time and read and reflect on them.

Dueces 2017.




Enjoying the Now

Over the past year, I have learned to live in the now  through: reading, meditation, and studying.

I was a planner, and in some ways, still am. However, I am accepting that plans are not always finite and that there should be room for changes to occur, because the only thing for certain in life, is the uncertainty.

The unpredictability of life used to be a hard concept for me to embrace. Growing up, older people would always explain life to me in a logical manner. One plus one would always equal two. If you do A, then B, will happen. In some ways, they are right. But, not in totality. Sometimes, you do things in life, and the results that you are planning for, do not unfold how you expect. Depending on how you view this, that could be seen as positive or negative. But the actions do not always have logical results.

When I acquired this concept of being in control of certain things in my life, yet not in control over other things in my life, I ascertained a clearer state of mind.

For me, and this space that I’m in, life is now all about enjoying and savoring each moment. The breaths feel fuller. The time, more languid. The hugs, much warmer and tighter. Foods more flavorful. Thoughts much more pronounced and developed. Body relaxed and at ease.

Simply at peace.

Fluid. Purposeful. Unrestrained.

Those are the best words that I can think of how to describe how this feels for me.

I continue to strive toward tasks and milestones that I want for my life. But as I do this, I am thankful for where I am currently present. I maintain a gratitude jar, where I write down victories that I experience in a given day. Over time, doing this has really trained my mind to appreciate the positives no matter how big or small they are.

If you recycle an old beverage container, you can makeshift that into your own gratitude jar. Write down the things that you are thankful for and capture your sentiments on paper. Toss it into your jar, and at the moment you need it most, unscrew the cap, pull one out and read it. Doing so may not change the situation that you face, but it will remind you of the other things in your life that are positive.

Being thankful is more than a verb. It’s a lifestyle. It takes practice to curtail your mind and refocus your thoughts, but it’s possible. And, it’s worth it.


Paris is such a beautiful city. The food, the culture, the people; all of it is just amazing. Upon first arrival, I saw this city as a big Harlem. The cozy cafes and high traffic, were all reminiscent of Uptown. But a couple days after, I began to notice the real magic of Paris. The city just has a sophisticated flair that is so suave, that it’s almost too smooth for words.

I would write more but I’m really enjoying life and am super busy. Know that I am doing great things and loving the work I do.

Be great.