No Risk. No Reward.


I will not be watching the NFL this football season.


Because, I don’t want to support a system that doesn’t not value, support, or uplift the ideals that I have. It’s simple. The NFL has donated one million dollars toward the Trump Administration this week. Even with the vile comments and the hate speech, there are institutions like this one, that will continue to propel ignorance.

I refuse to partake in supporting them through ticket purchases or advertising dollars. My TVs will not be broadcasting any of their games.

I am supported and reaffirmed in my beliefs, by this quote from the remarkable, Paul Robeson. A brilliant athlete and artist, who was unabashed about speaking against systematic white supremacy and the fight for freedom for blacks.

The civil rights movement was less than a century ago. Yet, the outspoken and ready for action men of those times, seem like giants against the jelly back replacements of today.

Without any collective change, we are all scattered ants, waiting to be crushed.

The Majestic Athlete


Serena Williams is undeniably one of the greatest athlete’s of all-time; regardless of gender or sport. Williams has habitually stepped on the tennis court and showed the world what it truly means to compete. Yesterday, Williams silenced naysayers and foes who thought that she would be unable to claim a grand slam title this calendar year when she won the US Open Championship. That win, helped Serena further etch her name in the history books. Currently, the polished tennis star has three consecutive US Open title wins, six US Open titles, and a combined total of 18 grand slams. There are only two other women in the history of the open era  who sit in that elusive group with her, Martina Navratilova and Chris Everett. Surely, Serena will focus her sights on furthering her grand slam wins and evening Steffi Graff who holds the most titles at 22.

Williams win on yesterday reminds us all that no matter where we come from, we are able to accomplish the very things that  people would disparage us from trying.

In the words of Serena, “Come on!” Never give up on the things dearest to your heart. Your story may inspire someone else, just as Serena is inspiring so many lives.

Seahawks Win the Super bowl

nflpano140kCongratulations to the Seahawks. I honestly underestimated their ability to take on Peyton and the Broncos. Maybe the Broncos were enjoying the legislature passed by Colorado a bit too much prior to tonight’s game.

On another note, Sherman talked all that smack and was able to back it up. Now, all of his naysayers are scrambling eggs with all that yolk on their faces.