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Goodbye 2018

I remember New Year’s Eve last year as if it was yesterday. I was filled to the brim with anticipation, knowing in my gut, that the next year would be a huge year for me. I rarely cry, but that night I did. Maybe my spirit knew the journey I was embarking on and warning me to tighten up.

And, yes, it certainly has been one heck of a ride. I have grown so much this year, both professionally and personally. Not only have I made more money from writing than I ever have, humble brag, but I moved twice this year, to two different states!

There were some low moments this year that really tested my faith, but overcoming them has reconfirmed Whose I am.

In summation, 2018, you have been an experience. Some moments I enjoyed more than others. But looking back, I recognize that all those momentsl led me to where I am now.

Thank you.

Let’s go 2019.

A good friend of mine shared an encouraging quote with me.

“No matter how tall the mountain, it cannot block the sun.” -Chinese proverb

Even though it hurts sometimes, and it seems impossible, don’t lose faith. Stay in the race, and eventually you’ll find your second wind.






Surrender and Intention

Today during lunch, I ran into an old student that I taught during my second year of education. As a student, he was very boisterous, intelligent, and sure of himself.

Eating pho has become a recent obsession of mine. Each week, I find myself with the people I care about, enjoying a warm bowl filled with vegetables, savory broth, and tofu. Each time I enjoy this meal, the pressure from my sinuses is relieved but causes me to have to head towards the restroom to prevent patrons from losing their appetite at the sight and sound of me blowing my nose. As I entered the restroom, I saw him. He was standing at the sink and immediately I remembered him. I patted him on the shoulder and we greeted each other like old pals. I was taken aback by his appearance. He didn’t look like the upbeat kid who was full of zeal and passion. He looked dejected and as he spoke, the words slurred out of his mouth.

As I did back when he was a student, we had a check in. I inquired about his current situation, goals, and plans. He admitted that he was uncertain.

In life, the only certainty is change. It takes a certain amount of craziness and resolve to just surrender and accept it. I struggled with surrending for years and still have moments where I rather swim against the current than simply float. When we think about surrendering, it feels like we’re giving in. But I push myself to think beyond the ego and to understand that surrending doesn’t mean not having a plan for your life, but rather the opposite. Having an intention is crucial towards success, yet we must release the desire to control the outcome.

Seeing my student was a reminder to surrender, smell the flowers, and continue to be clear on the intention. When we think we’re helping others, we’re truly helping ourselves.

Sometimes the stories we write are from our own experiences, sometimes they aren’t. The beauty of art is that it imitates life, or does life imitate art? Maybe both are cyclical. As I continue to learn more about the mind and study metaphysics I am more particular about the kinds of work I produce. Moreover, I continue to enjoy the feedback that I get from readers about my work. It gives me happiness and satisfaction to know that I touch your heart and make you think more intently about your life and the things you aspire towards. May we both continue to be inspired! It’s summertime, let’s make some great memories and savor all the moments.