Author Von Powell

How did this high school teacher turn into a steamy book author? Well, honestly Von Powell has always been a writer; who recently started teaching. Growing up as an only child on Chicago’s south side encouraged Von to use his creativity to have fun when it was too snowy and cold to go outside or too hot and violent to play with his friends. Thus, as a child to keep himself occupied, he would draw pictures and create short stories to go with them. Encouraged by his teachers, Von decided that maybe one day after he finished law school, it would be a good time to write. However, when the time came for Von to attend law school, he deferred his offers and committed to serving for two years as a Teach For America Corp member. While teaching, Von realized just how much he loved to connect with people’s emotions and admittedly saw writing as a way to impact more lives. Von confesses that “not attending law school was one of the hardest decisions that I’ve had to make.” Von turned down offers to attend law school in order to, “give back to others, especially young men who look like me and come from similar backgrounds.” The national education program, Teach For America, allowed Von the forum for him to make it happen. Ultimately, serving others was one of the best decisions Von could have made for himself as he smiles and says, “Working with my students inspired me to do what I love and follow my dreams. They’re a huge support system.”

Von’s debut novel, Every Woman Deserves an Accessory, will release digitally and in paperback November 25, 2014. Von promises that it will get readers flushed with fever, sweaty with anticipation, and laughing as they fight back the tears while reading.


  1. I’ve read your articles Von. I’m looking forward to your novel in September. Keep writing. YOU’RE AWESOME.

  2. I must say I am absolutely impressed by your blog.
    I am always looking for positive informative things
    to read. I’m looking forward to reading more of your
    posts. Thanks for adding a dose of inspiration to my life.
    So proud of you keep up the good work!!

  3. As a single mother of a son I have watched you grow up and all I can say is that I am so proud of the man you have become. You are intelligent, witty, and most of all respectful. I remember the last time I saw you and you hugged me and prayed for Amonti and that prayer was a powerful that came straight from your heart. Von your future is so bright and Im so excited about the things that God will do for you that eyes haven’t seen. I believe that you will go far beyond your own expectations and I know you will contiue to allow God to direct you!!!!! You are one of my inspirations and my heart is warmed every time I ask you mom and she tells me you are doing great. You are an eagle and no matter what happens continue to soar above it all. I am Proud of you Von!!!

    Best Wishes Ashanti

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