2017 Reflections

This has been one adventure filled year. From roaming the streets of Paris, sipping Iceland’s waterfall water, and getting my #splish on at Afro Punk, it’s been one wild and spontaneous ride.

I have traveled more this year, than I ever have in my life. Toward the last couple months of the year, I was literally flying from one coast to another. Sometimes for business, other times for pleasure. Traveling has always been something that I enjoy because it allows for me to experience new cultures, foods, and sights that aren’t as readily available in my own backyard.

Additionally, I’ve done a ton of spiritual work this year. One of the things that has been tremendous in my development, is being more thankful. You’d be surprised how well you can condition yourself to look for the good in life, when you practice it daily. I’ve kept a glass jar, filled with notes about different things that I am appreciative for having. Tomorrow, on New Years Eve, I will take some time and read and reflect on them.

Dueces 2017.




What are your thoughts?

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