This past year has been all about growth, both in my personal and professional life. Admittedly, during the experiences that I’ve had that have led me to where I stand today, I was frustrated. They were tough and challenging, but as I have come to learn, worth it. I’ve learned so much about myself, and have come out of the chaos a better person. When you’re in the throes of something, it is hard to see the situation clearly. However, when you overcome a challenge and are open to learning the universal lesson, things become clear.

Life is what you make of it. Honestly. It’s a challenge. You have to decide to be happy, to be forgiving, to be loving. I am grateful that I have wonderful people in my life who care for me and my well being. There is no greater feeling in the world for me, than the feeling of being appreciated for who I am.

If you can remember, say hello to someone whom you haven’t spoken with in a while. They may really enjoy hearing from you, and knowing that you are wishing them well.

Be kind with yourself. You’re human and you’re growing.



What are your thoughts?

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