Month: August 2016



Today marks 15 years since your passing. Since then, so many thoughts have crossed my mind and even more feelings have been felt, than I could ever count. There were things that made me smile, and others that have cause me sorrow. Not only did you depart from the Earth at a very young age, but you also left behind a family. One that knew you, and cared for you in ways, that we could only ever imagine. I send love their way, and also to the family of the other passengers who lost their lives on that fateful day.

To commemorate your legacy, I’d like to jam to a throwback. Let’s take it back to ’94 when you first hit the scene, and released the infectious and effervescent track, “Back + Forth.”

This song reminds me of summer. Friday evening rides home from work. And, of a young and happy, you.

Rest in power, Baby girl.



aaliyah giphy.gif