Month: January 2016

Happy MLK Day & Two Year Anniversary

Dr. King,

We thank you for your courage, and the legacy in which we all stand upon. Because of your selflessness, many lives have been changed. May your name, and all that you represented, never cease to roll off our tongues.

It’s been two years already since I launched this website! Thank you all for rocking with me, and reading my work. You’re appreciated.

Let this be a testament to anybody reading, all you need to make a change or to embark upon something new, is the desire to do so. Two years ago, I knew that I wanted to write. Yet, the journey ahead seemed so long and out of reach. However, once I started this blog, everything seemed to all come together. I am not where I want to be yet in my career, but I’m much farther than I would be, if I never started.

That in itself, is worth celebrating.



Happy New Year

This year is off to a spectacular start. After vacationing for my new year, I came home and made my granddaddy’s Cajun style black eyed peas. Enjoyed those while watching some Sunday football. Overall, a very good day.

On another note, I’ve been feeling very nostalgic lately and started listening to Pretty Ricky again. This was the group in high school and their music brings back so many memories for me. I can’t help but cry with laughter. Static Major was the pen behind many of their best songs.

Good times, then and now.