Today’s September 1! Grateful that it’s not only the start of a new month, but also the approach of a new season. I will be optimistic and command this month to be stupendous and nothing short of extraordinary. And since I am believing it to be, it shall be so.
On another note, one year ago today I stopped eating chicken. Yes…it’s been one year since I’ve had any type of chicken. I had done some research on what goes into our foods and I just wanted to try and stay away from the extra antibiotics they deposit into chicken. Although, I don’t eat nearly as cleanly as I should, I’m really conscious of what I do eat. For me, food is very spiritual. After all, we do need food to live. Therefore, I make a concerted effort to eat as many live foods as I can, fruits and vegetables. Though, there are times when I really just want a bag of potato chips and I don’t deny myself. Moving forward, I plan to reduce the amount of seafood I consume gradually and supplement more plants into my meals. I can honestly say that when I eat cleanly, not only do I feel better physically, but mentally and spiritually I feel free. I could go on and on about the theories I’ve learned on food but…I won’t. Email me if you have questions about it.
Happy September and almost fall.

What are your thoughts?

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