Baby girl released this song fourteen years ago. Yet, it still sounds new. Each time I listen to it, it feels fresh, like she just recorded it. To me, that’s the sign of a classic record. It’s one that transcends time and works well in a new generation of music. This is partly due to the fact of how open she was to constantly switching up her style. Aaliyah was brave and took risks. Many may never understand her experimentation with her sound, but people like me who love music do.
When most female artists during her day were choosing to sing bubblegum songs, she decided to go in another direction. For those reasons, and others that I have not mentioned, I’ll be a fan for life. Aaliyah may be gone in the physical form, but her impact on music and fashion lives on.
Moreover, whenever my movie comes out, it will be fun to call up Rashad or Ms. Diane and get their blessings on using her music within the film. It’d be an honor.


What are your thoughts?

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