The Book of Negroes

I just finished watching The Book of Negroes and I must say that this miniseries has been very inspiring! The series is based off of a novel by Lawrence Hill, who chronicled the life of slaves and their owners. The actually Book of Negroes, is indeed a real document, that recorded the names of slaves who served the British Army during the American Revolution in varying capacities.
Aminata Diallo the main character, who at age eleven was taken from her village in West Africa, showed tremendous courage and determination to live and regain her freedom. I was instantly hooked from the first episode and I had to continue watching to see how she would navigate through life and eventually where she would end up.
I will admit that there are many gripping scenes that will cause for some people to become angered and bring tears into the eyes of others. But, this series is so much more than slavery, it’s about faith, endurance, and love. This taught me new things and challenged me to view life from multiple perspectives. I encourage the people who want to grow from within and learn about a major part of world history to watch this and really reflect.
It very well may change your life for the better.

What are your thoughts?

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