One Year Ago, To the Day…

I started this blog/website to chronicle my journey from aspiring author to published author, one year ago to the day. It’s amazing how quickly a year will go by. I’ve learned so much in the past year and I am elated about one thing in particular, I made a decision and saw it through. When I was on Facebook, I would always see this inspiring quote that read, “One year from now, you will wish that you would have started today.” That quote stuck with me, even though it took about five or six more times for me to see it again before I ever acted on anything. However, I knew in my mind that if I kept pushing off pursuing my goal of becoming a published author, then I would one day look up years down the line and wish that I would have taken the time to publish. So, whatever it is that you are aspiring to accomplish, take a moment and spend some time reflecting with yourself about what your path may look like. Make your intentions clear with yourself and start to mentally put into place what you want. Then, the best part of the journey is acting on what you want to accomplish. It’s the best part because your goal hasn’t come to past yet and you can be as ambitious and hopeful as you wish. Keep working and stay motivated until you finish it. Everyone’s timeline for themselves will be different, so don’t rush or stall your process. As you begin working, you will know what feels right. But now is the perfect time to start getting a move on. It’s MLK Jr. weekend and I can’t think of a more inspiring person to gleam from. As difficulty as his life was, he never gave up, despite the hardships he faced. We have to find a way to keep pushing.


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What are your thoughts?

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