How to Please a Woman

For the longest, there has been rumors and joking amongst my students that my book is entitled, How to Please a Woman. They also think I’m from Colombia, but that’s another story. Now mind you, I have only told my students that I write books and have one coming out soon. I’ve only shared info about my book with a few staff members at school. Other writers would probably say that I should be hounding everyone about it, but I beg to differ. My philosophy has and will continue to be, if I build it, they will come. And they have (one of my assistant principals said that he Googled me!) I nearly slumped over laughing as he and several other staff members one by one admitted that they had done the same, too. But, bragging about my book just isn’t me-at least not on my job. I’m really keen on maintaining a high level of professionalism with the students I teach and the staff that I work with.

But, that’s hard to do when I go to correct students for using suggestive language to joke around with other students in class and they reply, “But, I learned from you! Bet you weren’t thinking about that when you wrote that book huh?”

At comments like those, I can’t help but laugh. How could you not? My kids are witty and so far it hasn’t been out of hand. If it ever does, Mr. Powell will layeth-the-smacketh-down, and Schmoney dance like nothing ever happened.


What are your thoughts?

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