One in a million


Aaliyah, you were truly one of a kind. Your whole style was unlike anything that I had ever seen before. It was your stance, one leg elongated while the other rested bent, shoulders slouched, and face always camera ready.  It was your perfect hair and the way it swayed as you danced like nobody else was watching. You carried yourself like you had no other competition but during interviews, your grace and class always made you appear humble. Your music transcended gender and race as it broke barriers and encouraged other artists to step outside of the box. Your clothes and music was very much ahead of its time.

You were sexy without compromising. You gave us just enough to keep us reeled in and used your voice to enhance everything else. Simply, you were gorgeous inside and out.

Many people may never grasp the impact that you’ve had on myself or so many other people. But then again, most people won’t even recognize the beauty that exist within their own beings.

I remember the first time I heard your name and listened to your song. It was love at first listen. You were angelic and gritty, all at the same time. Your music will continue to live on “Baby girl.” I wish I could see how far you would be now, but sometimes imagination feels better than reality.

With respect & love,


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