This past holiday weekend I had the pleasure of attending the 20th annual Essence Music Festival in Nawlin’s. If you are unfamiliar with the event you will be pleasantly surprised to find out about all the awesome things that take place over the four-day event. Fans and music lovers from all over the world are treated to star-studded concerts, celebrity empowerment panels, and some of the most delicious food known to earth. New Orleans is the perfect city to host this event as the city has so much character and rich hospitality and I am not saying that just because my family is from New Orleans either. 

Friday night I was enthralled by the electrifying performance the artist formerly known as Prince put on. For a 56 year old man he surely has a ton of energy and he maneuvers the stage as if it’s second nature to him. I have been fortunate to attend some really amazing concerts but I have to say that Prince is surely at the top of the list after seeing him perform this past weekend. His audience was so diverse and his star power helped garner well over 45,000 people inside of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. People of all ages and nationalities were swaying to and from as the legendary star lit up the stage. 

Saturday night I was so elated to see Jill Scott take to the stage. I was disappointed that the audience was not into her music that night as much as I was. I simply couldn’t understand how people could sit down when Ms. Scott is lacing your ears with such musical bliss. I just have come to realize that the essence of her music may be too esoteric for majority of music lovers to ever understand. Although, it could just be that I’m majestically drawn to Jill’s presentation of self. Either way she was phenomenal. 

Mary J. Blige headlined the show that night and as she performed old and new hits, she sent the crowd into a roaring frenzy. 

Sunday night I was chilling in my floor seats vibing to none other than Erykah Badu and my main man Uncle Charlie Wilson. Charlie Wilson really feels like he could be my uncle and yours too. He’s just that cool. He came out on stage with a clean blazer dancing as five or six pretty young thangs pranced around him. I could definitely pay to see Uncle Charlie do his thing again. In addition to those two, it was super cool seeing the legendary Lionel Richie perform. Although I did not get to see all of his set due to exhaustion and an extreme need to sleep, I appreciated the time that I did get to see him on stage. 

I am truly looking forward to being at Essence Music Fest again. The events were drama free and nothing but fun. Start planning now so you can be there next year eating beignets and gumbo right next to celebs like I did. 


What are your thoughts?

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