Happy Birthday Brotha Marvin


There are few people in my musical Rolodex who I would even be able to say remotely compare to the Legend of Mr. Gaye. From the beginning of his career until his untimely passing, his catalog of music is chock-full of timeless pieces. Brotha Marvin was an innovator with a keen sense of personal style. He never followed the crowd when it came down to his clothing or music.He was unbashful about being himself because the truth was more valuable than any faux representation . He presented his music as his truth and let it be as lyrically deep and raw as needed. His sentiments on life could leave you breathless if you ever where to close your eyes and inhale the knowledge. Hearing “Mercy, Mercy Me” today has just as much impact, if not more than when it was originally release 40 years ago.  Some of his songs will make you cry and feel sorrowful. Many of them will make you think and reflect on all the things that matter the most to you in life. Others will just whisk you away on a journey of bliss, also known as love. He was the original Soul Brotha. The ladies man who taught other men how to be. Today, we celebrate his life and his legacy left on earth. 



What are your thoughts?

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