It’s My Time To Rise

When I started writing my book Every Woman Deserves An Accessory, I was in college. I was idyllic about writing and life. My creativity was untainted by the pressures and realities of the real world. I remember staying up all night writing. I would then wake up early to attend class as if I hadn’t missed a beat and had a complete nights rest. Those were beautiful days that I often reflect upon and sometimes wish to go back and relive. I don’t want to be back in college again but more so I wish to return back to the state of mind where nothing else mattered more to me than pursuing my dreams. That was a time in life where raw natural talented had no concern or care for what seemed logical. It was all about the dream. It was all about the feeling. But then reality happened once I graduated and started to work. As a writer,  I think we become better and more authentic when we have life experiences. We can create realities that don’t seem far-fetched or pressed for our readers. But that type of growth can sometimes happen at a cost. Sometimes we live life so much that it becomes quite mundane and we forget to truly embark on what matters most to us, our writing. I am both thankful and humbled by the experiences that I’ve  had since graduating from college. They’ve helped me grow as a man and become better as a person in general. I rarely ever go back and read things that I wrote “back in the day,” but this past weekend I decided to do so. I am so very glad that I did because it brought back this fresh energy and desire for me to keep pressing forward. I am striving now to have a healthy balance between both the business side of the entertainment industry without compromising the integrity of my creativity.

Sharing my gift of writing with the world will be a treat that I have built towards my entire life. It is my time to shine.

What are your thoughts?

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