#CIAA Will Remain In Charlotte For the Next 6 Years!


I am so very elated to share the news of Charlotte being able to secure the CIAA (Central Intelligence Athletic Association) in the city for the next 6 years. I am sending major props to city Mayor Patrick Cannon for being instrumental in the continuance of the relationship with the tournament. Not only was Mayor Cannon partly responsible for sitting at the table 9 years ago to bring the tournament to Charlotte, he also played a major role in the tournament remaining there. There were a few other cities that were contesting for the opportunity to host the CIAA. Atlanta, Washington D.C., and Richmond were a few of the cities that wanted to bring the festivities to their locale. In opinion, Charlotte is the perfect home for the tournament. It has a great balance of nightlife entertainment, restaurants, walk able downtown area and temperate weather. All of those make Charlotte an enjoyable city to host the slew of Black Hollywood personalities and visitors alike each year. In last years fiscal season, it was reported that the CIAA brought in more than $47 million dollars. Obviously, the tournament is pretty lucrative in spite of low attendance to the basketball games. The parties have seemed to take higher precedence over the games and that could be a positive or a negative depending on how you view it. 


All in all, I am very excited that Charlotte will be hosting the tournament for a good while. In addition, the city also has earned the distinct honor of being able to have the CIAA build its headquarters there also. 


If you have never been to CIAA you are truly missing out. There is something for everyone to see, hear, and enjoy. Most of all, the events stay pretty stable and majority of fans in the past have been able to party in peace. As the city of Charlotte continues to gain more national attention, the city could be seeing more events of the type in the city as well. 


What are your thoughts?

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