Month: March 2014

It’s My Time To Rise

When I started writing my book Every Woman Deserves An Accessory, I was in college. I was idyllic about writing and life. My creativity was untainted by the pressures and realities of the real world. I remember staying up all night writing. I would then wake up early to attend class as if I hadn’t missed a beat and had a complete nights rest. Those were beautiful days that I often reflect upon and sometimes wish to go back and relive. I don’t want to be back in college again but more so I wish to return back to the state of mind where nothing else mattered more to me than pursuing my dreams. That was a time in life where raw natural talented had no concern or care for what seemed logical. It was all about the dream. It was all about the feeling. But then reality happened once I graduated and started to work. As a writer,  I think we become better and more authentic when we have life experiences. We can create realities that don’t seem far-fetched or pressed for our readers. But that type of growth can sometimes happen at a cost. Sometimes we live life so much that it becomes quite mundane and we forget to truly embark on what matters most to us, our writing. I am both thankful and humbled by the experiences that I’ve  had since graduating from college. They’ve helped me grow as a man and become better as a person in general. I rarely ever go back and read things that I wrote “back in the day,” but this past weekend I decided to do so. I am so very glad that I did because it brought back this fresh energy and desire for me to keep pressing forward. I am striving now to have a healthy balance between both the business side of the entertainment industry without compromising the integrity of my creativity.

Sharing my gift of writing with the world will be a treat that I have built towards my entire life. It is my time to shine.

Survive On

Tonight while indulging in one of my guilty pleasures, watching the TV show Survivor, I was reminded of a valuable lesson. There were two contestants going back and forth over the decision of which other player they should eliminate. Finally, one of them said, “Let’s just make a decision and live with it!” That line stuck with me because it resonated with one of my core values with is truth. I believe in following through with what personally feels right to me, as that is my truth. I am constantly reminding myself that when you follow your truth, there is little that you are unable to accomplish. Having said so, in life we face the challenge of making decisions day in and day out. Sometimes we just have to make a decision and live with it. We should strive to uncover our own truth about the things that matter most to us in our lives and make a decision. Hearing that contestant say that was refreshing for me. From now on I am going to make every stride to just make a decision and LIVE with it. At the end of the day, whatever decision we make, life can still go on. So keep on surviving on and live with the decisions you make.

#CIAA Will Remain In Charlotte For the Next 6 Years!


I am so very elated to share the news of Charlotte being able to secure the CIAA (Central Intelligence Athletic Association) in the city for the next 6 years. I am sending major props to city Mayor Patrick Cannon for being instrumental in the continuance of the relationship with the tournament. Not only was Mayor Cannon partly responsible for sitting at the table 9 years ago to bring the tournament to Charlotte, he also played a major role in the tournament remaining there. There were a few other cities that were contesting for the opportunity to host the CIAA. Atlanta, Washington D.C., and Richmond were a few of the cities that wanted to bring the festivities to their locale. In opinion, Charlotte is the perfect home for the tournament. It has a great balance of nightlife entertainment, restaurants, walk able downtown area and temperate weather. All of those make Charlotte an enjoyable city to host the slew of Black Hollywood personalities and visitors alike each year. In last years fiscal season, it was reported that the CIAA brought in more than $47 million dollars. Obviously, the tournament is pretty lucrative in spite of low attendance to the basketball games. The parties have seemed to take higher precedence over the games and that could be a positive or a negative depending on how you view it. 


All in all, I am very excited that Charlotte will be hosting the tournament for a good while. In addition, the city also has earned the distinct honor of being able to have the CIAA build its headquarters there also. 


If you have never been to CIAA you are truly missing out. There is something for everyone to see, hear, and enjoy. Most of all, the events stay pretty stable and majority of fans in the past have been able to party in peace. As the city of Charlotte continues to gain more national attention, the city could be seeing more events of the type in the city as well.