Let The Celebration of Black History Continue Beyond February

Usually I do something big to celebrate Black History month each year. However, this year was different. My mindset has shifted from solely utilizing February as the only month in which I adequately take the time to pay homage and respect to the work of my ancestors. I have been pushing myself to not only build upon their legacy but remember it daily while I am enjoying the freedoms and liberties they fought so hard for me to have.

Today, one lead teacher told me that it was cathartic for her to see me teach my studenya. She went on to say how refreshing it is to see me interact with them and provide a postive example. I am so humbled by that and by no means take that lightly. Being in the forefront each day is no easy task but I have learned to become grateful for the opportunity. I can make a difference by helping them to accomplish the goals in which they aspire to accomplish. You may not be a teacher but there is someone near you who could benefit from your shared story. Someone in the world is listening, are you speaking?

What are your thoughts?

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