New Music: Mariah Carey “You’re Mine (Eternal)” Feat. Trey Songz


Mariah is back with new music just in time for Valentine’s Day. For her new song “You’re Mine (Eternal)” she is partnered with the R&b youngin’ Trey Songz. This is a nice song to cruise the streets to with your Valentine. I appreciate how she makes music that supports where she is in life now.  She’s married, she’s a mother, and she’s more mature. Nick is her homie, lover, and her friend. Together, they are holding down the Cannon household. Notice I wrote Cannon household and not Carey household. All the haters of their union out there should have more respect.She’s married for goodness sake and it’s to Nick, not you! Like MC said, “Last man on earth still couldn’t hit this… you’re delusional.”

I support them because I think they balance each other. Besides, Nick has to be a pretty confident guy to not only marry Mariah, but a woman who’s older than he is, has more experiences, and is a worldwide superstar. Kudos to the big homie for holding the diva down.

Every Woman Needs An Accessory

Check out the tune and enjoy.

What are your thoughts?

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