Throwback Joint of The Day: Jodeci “Come & Talk to Me”

Jodeci recently announced their return to music a few weeks ago. Supposedly, Timbaland will be one of the main producers on their record. Not sure how I feel about that since so many of their classics were penned and produced by Devante. Who could ever forget Devante? “Devante Swang…” as KC Hailey would croon, helped to propel his group into super stardom using that New Jack Swing vibe. Dare I profess Jodeci as one of the best r&b groups of the early 90’s? Sure, I think it’s befitting or even at all for that matter. In personal opinion, no one can deny the vocals of Boyz II Men but their songs were entirely too romantic to bump in the Jeep with the homies. Jodeci provided more of a balance between gritty beats and influential lyrical content.
Here’s to one of my favorite tracks by them, “Come & Talk to Me.” Happy Monday!

What are your thoughts?

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