Doing “Very Special” Things For People You Care For Most

“Got your Henny Chilling On Ice…”
Always liked that line of the song even though I don’t drink, simply because it reinforces the fact that she really cares about her man and decided to supply him with a chilled and refreshing beverage of his choice. There’s something enduring about being surrounded by people who do not mind doing special things for you because of their caring nature. It is an even greater life lesson to learn when you are able to reciprocate that same generosity back to them and then pass it on to another person. Imagine how wonderful the world would be if we all spent just a small fraction of our day helping to do something generous for another person. Think about how you feel when someone goes out of their way to make you smile.
Last night, I was able to support one of my students at his musical show in Charlotte. The show took a while to get started but it was well worth the wait. For one, I was excited and surprised by the amount of talent in the room. They were young and really fervent about their talents. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Furthermore, I was able to go that extra mile to help a student feel supported.
Today, I told my class that I would try to attend different events that they have and their hands went up with in the air to share their activities.
I charge you to step outside of your comfort zone and do something special for someone else you care about. Do not do it for the reaction you expect them to have. But, solely do it because you genuinely want to add a little sunshine to someone else’s day. And when you do so, that same love will be reciprocated back to you in some way and some form.

What are your thoughts?

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