New Years Resolutions

I have officially gone one month sans having consumed any candy. This is a humongous step for me because any one who knows me knows that I am an avid candy and snack food lover. However, towards the close of 2013 I made a conscientious decision to start making more deliberate choices to consume healthier foods. Today, I went to the grocery store and bought some fresh fruit. I spent close to $30 bucks on some fresh and delicious ripe pickings. Hopefully, they will be sweet enough to curb my craving for a large pack of sour worms and chews.

Whew! I can do this. Besides it is all mental anyway. Having gone without any type of candy and me quitting cold turkey really proves that anything is possible. Seriously, I cannot go a time without doing laundry and finding old colorful sweet smelling wrappings in my pocket. Whatever the mind focuses on accomplishing can very easily become  reality.

Mark Cuban, I have my eyes set on owning an NBA franchise team! We’ll be sitting court side at games in about 10 years.You won’t be the only cool and young team owner when I come around.

What are your thoughts?

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