Breaking News: Justin Beiber Arrested On Drunken Driving Charges & Resisting Arrest



Will someone please come and save Justin Beiber? Seriously, Superman needs to dust off his cape and come out to help this young superstar. Sarcasm aside, it’s pitiful to see such a young and talented young man, yes he actually can sing-I think, go to waste. Not only is Justin Beiber spiraling out of control but no one around  his camp seems to care or have any concerns. Shouldn’t there come a point and time when your loyalty to your friend or idol be swept aside for the greater good of humanity? I don’t personally know Justin, but it appears from a far that he is surrounded by people who are unable to help him get the help he needs. It’s apparent that he uses drugs from his Instagram posts and vine videos but it now appears to be catching up with him.

Today, the 19 year old singer was arrested for drinking and driving and for also resisting arrest. As much as people may hate to read this, he needs the same help and tough love as Chris Brown. Someone’s life could have been taken away while he in his drunken stupor and behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. I wish no malice or evil towards anyone. However, I do believe in grabbing the bull by the horns and got damn it that bull needs to be lassoed and brought in.

Hopefully, someone one will send an SOS his way before his ship sinks and the damage is undo-able.

What are your thoughts?

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